23rd July 2014

THE owner of Hollinbay – an official Bradford Bulls partner – Robert Harder, will be taking part in this year's Great North Run to raise funds and awareness for Brain Tumour Research & Support (BTRS) across Yorkshire.

Robert has been in training for months to prepare himself for the event and completed the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k over the weekend, beating his current ‘personal best’ by over 10 minutes – recorded in the Pudsey Puma, another 10k event, earlier this year.

Mr Harder's wife, Jacqui, who is a massive Bulls fan, has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.

By running the 13-plus miles in September, he is hoping to increase people’s awareness about the disease and raise over £10,000 for charity.

“Brain tumour research is under-funded and the public, in general, is unaware of the magnitude of the problem,” said Mr Harder.

“They have recently overtaken leukaemia as the most common malignancy and cause of death in children and are the second most common cause of neurological death, with strokes being the most common.

“A lack of funding and research into the treatment of aggressive malignant brain tumours means survival rates are no better than they were 40 years ago.

“Because of their location at the control centre for thought, emotion and physical function, brain tumours are often difficult to treat.”

Approximately only one third of patients survive for five years following the diagnosis of a primary or malignant brain tumour.

Around 9,000 new cases of primary brain tumours are diagnosed in the UK each year.

Across Yorkshire and the Humber, it is estimated there are 1,000 patients diagnosed each year – and around 50 of those are children.

Mr Harder added: “Currently, brain tumours cannot be prevented because their cause is still unknown, there are over 120 different types of brain tumours, making effective treatment very complicated.

“All donations will be greatly appreciated and go a long way to providing crucial funding to a crucial service.”

If you would like to get behind the Harder family – which has backed the Bulls since 2004 – then please CLICK HERE to donate today.

Not only is Jacqui a huge Bradford supporter, her son, Jack, makes up a part of the club's performance department.

For more information, you can visit Mr Harder's Just Giving page by CLICKING HERE.