6th July 2014

CHAIRMAN Marc Green will this afternoon exclusively speak of the club's impending High Court appearance – in the official Matchday Magazine.

Mr Green is set to outline his short and long-term goals for the club, while explaining his reasoning for pursuing the case against the Bulls' points deduction.

Mr Green will answer several questions asked of him in recent weeks by supporters and members of the media.

And here is a sneak peek – giving you a flavour of what is in store...

As we head into the final third of the season, I am all too aware of some of the underlying questions which are plaguing everyone. Why are the club spending money on this high court claim instead of investing it in the club and rebuilding? Why are we not preparing for next year in the Championship and accepting the writing on the wall? What is this big plan our new chairman wants everyone to buy into?

The answers are as follows: To date, not a single penny of club money has been spent on the appeal process or the proposed High Court battle. A huge amount of work is being completed behind the scenes, preparing for either eventuality, and I can assure you of positive announcements in the coming weeks which will endorse this...”

To read the rest of Mr Green's views – and much, much more – grab a copy of today's official Matchday Magazine, available from around the ground for just £3!

Remember, you can 'pay-on-the-gate' this afternoon. Admission prices start at £20 (adults), £15 (concessions/students) and £10 (juniors). 

The above extract is taken from pages four and five of 'A View From The Boardroom'.