28th March 2014

Chief Executive Robbie Hunter-Paul has made the following statement, assessing a historic 48 hours for Bradford Bulls.

Hunter-Paul has been working alongside the club’s brand-new managing director Steve Ferres since Wednesday’s takeover announcement, plotting the short and long-term of the Bulls.

He said: “This has been a really exciting week for everyone involved in Bradford Bulls, which has injected a fresh burst of energy.

“Like many of our supporters, I feel we are now in a position to move forward.

“Marc Green’s success in acquiring the club means we can start focusing on a self-sustainable Bradford Bulls, while building for a brighter future.

“Marc has enjoyed great success in developing and operating an extensive business portfolio and his impressive network is only going to benefit the club.

“He has been extremely smart by bringing in someone of Steve Ferres’ calibre, he is someone I believe will provide the club with a major boost. His incredible experience of the game is already shining through in his decision-making.

“Our main objective is for the team to stay in Super League and Marc has made a strong statement about focusing on the team and supporting Francis (Cummins) as much as possible.”

“I am really excited for the next few weeks and seeing how we can move the business forward. Marc and Steve coming in can only help to galvanise the team and make them even tighter than they already are.

“I have to take my hat off to Francis and the players because the morale at the training ground, over the past couple of months, has never faltered. They have been amazing.

“There is one small matter that I would like to address, though. Recent reports on the removal of the stadium’s steel safety barriers have tickled me, as it has been suggested that they were removed to deliver financial gain to the former board.

“Every penny received from its scrapping has been pumped back into the stadium and I can personally vouch for that, given the fact I played a key role in ensuring the work went ahead to begin with.

“The fence was simply in a state of disrepair. It was not fit for purpose, which is why it has been removed.

“As all supporters will see, work to tidy that element of the stadium – and make it more – presentable is ongoing.”