Introduction from Francis Cummins

With the changes to the structure of Junior Football being announced by the RFL, the need to develop and retain our quality junior players is becoming more and more paramount.
Next year there will only be one tier of Junior Football with each Super League club having only an Under 19’s side, we must ensure that the production line and the ability to keep our players is paramount for the future success of.
We have seen the success of our home grown players over the years.

Members of the Bull Lotto have played a massive part in the success of our young players success, firstly by enabling the club to have the funds to recruit themand going forwards by providing the funding necessary for development.  

Paul Medley and his team have done a tremendous job in recent years and players such as Tom Olbison, James Donaldson, Danny Addy and Adam O'Brien are proof that the system we have in place at the Bulls is first class and working for the good of the club.

They can't however do this without the support of the Bradford public and the Bulls Supporters. The club has without doubt the most loyal set of supporters in the game and they proved it time and time again in the dark days of last season. They have shown their commitment to the Bulls and I am asking you, if you are not a member of Bull Lotto to join now. Your £2.00 per week will help to enable the new owners to take care of the business knowing the future of the clubs Juniors is in good hands with your support whilst giving yourself the chance to be a winner too.

Join the Lottery

The best way to Play Bull Lotto and support the Bradford Bulls is to set up a standing order, this can be done by downloading the form below and return to the Bulls ticket office.

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