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Bradford Bulls have a strong online presence on the major social media channels.

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Bradford Bulls Social Media Charter

Bradford Bulls are committed to communicating with supporters on many levels including social media. 

We commit to:

  • Providing an open forum to discuss our club with other supporters
  • Providing you with answers to questions you may have in a timely manner
  • Providing interesting & often exclusive content that you can only get through social media

We ask that you:

  • Refrain from the use of offensive & inappropriate language;

We are a family club & proud of it. Please make sure that your language is appropriate for our family audience.

  • Refrain from the personal attacks on individuals;

Whilst not wanting to police opinion, there is a fine but definite line between critique or opinion & a personal attack.

  • Remember that social media is a form of publication.  

We want you to protect yourself as libellous comments written online can be subject to legal action (and we really don’t want that to happen to you) 

We reserve the right to:

  • Ask you to contact the club in another way

Social media has some restrictions (particularly Twitter) and may not be the most appropriate way for us to deal with your question so we may ask you to contact us in another way to ensure we are dealing with your query in the most efficient way.

(Plus, for other users, a long stream of irrelevant information can become annoying)

  • Refrain from answering questions where the answer could potentially cause the club retribution

We know that you want to hear about which player is signing next and we will provide you with that information as soon as it is possible. But, any discussion before it is “signed, sealed & delivered” could put the deal in jeopardy & leave the club open to legal action #notgood

  • Take appropriate action should any supporter contravene the above.

This includes, but is not exclusive to, hiding comments, providing warnings, blocking or banning the user and reporting to the relevant social media provider. 

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