Siobhan Blakey

Siobhan Blakey

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Name: Siobhan Blakey

Age: 19

Occupation: Customer Relationship Manager & Lifeguard

How long have you been dancing/cheerleading? I've been dancing now for 10 years and cheerleading for 7 years

What is your favourite dance/cheer experience? Competing at the World Cheerleading Championships in Disneyworld, Florida with fellow Bullette Maddie.

What is it like being in the Bullettes? I love being a part of the Bullettes! Theres always a drama whether it’s on nights out, competitions or just at training!

Favourite Bulls player? Nick Scruton.

What do you like about performing at The Provident Stadium, Odsal? The atmosphere and the reaction from the crowd.

Your biggest accomplishment so far? Getting three gold stars on Got To Dance with Panache elite, doing well in my A levels and passing my driving test after the third time!!

What's your tv/modelling/dance experience? Danced around the world achieving national and international titles in both dance and cheerleading, appearing on Panache's own TV show and getting three gold stars on Got To Dance.

Favourite TV show? Got to Dance.

What do you do in your spare time? Dance, shop and spend time with my family and friends

Do you have a secret talent? I once came first in a regional kickboxing tournament.

Who is your idol? My little Nanna

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? To have a good job in what I enjoy doing and carry on with my dancing and cheerleading.