Nicole Barraclough

Nicole Barraclough

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Name: Nicole Barraclough

Age: 21

Occupation: Bar Attendant

How long have you been dancing/cheerleading? This will be my 5th year being a Bullette, I have loved every second!

What is your favourite dance/cheer experience? It would probably have to be competing in the Cheerleading competitions. The nervs and the excitement are crazy but once its over you want to do it all again... Especially after winning!

What is it like being in the Bullettes? AMAZING! I love all the girls, the atmosphere at the games it awesome and its great to be supporting my home team.

Favourite Bulls player? Michael Platt

What do you like about performing at The Provident Stadium, Odsal? The atmosphere, especially when we win!

Your biggest accomplishment so far? Achieving everything I said I wanted to do..

What's your tv/modelling/dance experience? Acting work for the television programme Hollyoaks, Parade performer and Face character at Disneyland Paris, Entertainment representative for Thomas Cook based in Cyprus

Favourite TV show? Homeland, Britain & Ireland's next top model, Big brother

What do you do in your spare time? Spending time with my friends, travelling, partying. The usual stuff!

Do you have a secret talent? It has got to be Singing. I sang three songs at the Bulls v Rhino's game last year, I was defiantly one of my favourite moments in my performing career

Who is your idol? My boyfriend

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Travelling, being successful and doing a lot of crazy things along the way, Sky diving is next on the list!