Amelia Jo Lee

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Age: 16

Occupation: Student

How long have you been dancing/cheerleading? 18 months

What is your favourite dance/cheer experience? Being a part of the Panache Elite team that auditioned for Got to Dance.

What is it like being in the Bullettes? It’s a lot of fun, I love learning new dances to perform at the games. Everyone in the team is very friendly and we always have a laugh whilst we’re learning the routines.

Favourite Bulls player? Jamie Foster because he has already scored 12 goals in pre-season matches for the Bulls.

What do you like about performing at The Provident Stadium, Odsal? I like that I get to dance on the pitch at every home match which is something I wanted to do since my uncle took me when I was little.

Your biggest accomplishment so far? I won first place in the SeniorTumbling Cheer Solo at the Northern Championships, beating a cheerleader who was undefeated.

What's your tv/modelling/dance experience? I’ve not really done any TV work other than auditioning for Got to Dance. I have been involved in two different dance groups and also performed as a part of a group in front of thousands of people.

Favourite TV show? Friends, because I think it is very funny.

What do you do in your spare time? I go to gymnastics.

Do you have a secret talent? Yes, I can walk up and down the steps outside my house on my hands.

Who is your idol? Nadia Com─âneci because she was the first female gymnast to get a perfect 10 at the Olympics, winning her the gold medal.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? I’d like to go to University in America through a cheerleading scholarship.