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27th November 2019, 16:59


FOLLOWING the launch of our 'Ask The Bulls' initiative, we have been inundated with questions from you, our loyal supporters. More of your questions have been answered...

Q:   Hello, first of all thank you for introducing this great initiative, I think it’s a great idea. I have three questions please

    1) what types of skills and competencies are you looking for that individuals may have, to form the advisory board

    2) have you considered a fans survey, to gauge interest in what they would / wouldn’t like to see and possibly contribute to build the matchday experience to what it used to be

    3) how do I get involved as a volunteer?

A: Many and varied, We are hoping to construct this early in the New Year but our view is that the club has a rich source of talent and capability with supporters who want to assist. Whether it ambassadorial, selling, communications, fan engagement and liaison to name but a few. For the club to return to where we think it belongs there is no shortage of tasks to complete. We don’t want to take liberties with supporters, but we do have to reach a little more than has happened in the past.

We think that is a very good idea. We will maybe survey season ticket holders at the start of the season. Thank you.

We will keep this in file now thank you. When the club is ready we will publish the process on the website. Hopefully everyone who wants to help will see it. Thank you very much for the offer. It is appreciated.

Many Thanks

The Bulls 

Q: Hi, I was just wondering how Ball Boys are selected? My nephew is desperate to become one but not sure how you apply? Thanks. 

A: The Bradford Bulls Foundation are in charge of this. If you email he can assist further. 

Q: While I think many will agree the free junior ticket scheme launched by the club is a step in the right direction has any thought been given to expand this to include juniors at other teams or why not give free tickets to other junior sports teams ( football etc ) .. Better still why not follow Barrows lead and let all juniors in free with a paying adult, look to get  kids involved not already involved with the sport or the team ?

A: We have already submitted our budgets to the RFL and we have already made some adjustments which we could fit within that budget. We are reviewing all price categories ahead of 2021 as junior engagement is a huge priority for us as a club.

Many Thanks

The Bulls

Shop Opening…

A: Thank you for your enquiry. The shop will be open in December and we will confirm the date in due course.

Many Thanks

The Bulls

Q: Looking at the questions that have been answered on the BB Website today.

Somebody has mentioned that they have been informed that Disabled Parking will be free at Dewsbury - is this correct?

My husband purchased a disabled season ticket together with a carer and paid £35 for a disabled pass. 

Can you confirm that disabled parking permits free?

A: Thank you for your email. If any disabled badge holders wishes to have a free car park pass, they are eligible to apply for a refund from the 1st December by telephoning 0333 323 5075

Many thanks

The Bulls. 

Q: When will the home shirt for the new season be available to buy?

A: We are working alongside Kappa to get the shirt in as quickly as possible, however, it is looking unlikely the shirts will be with us in time for Christmas. We will be selling vouchers which can be exchanged for a shirt once they arrive with us. We will unveil both kits on Social Media in due course.

Q: Could you please answer the question of will the Bulls be printing their own match day programme in the new season for supporters to purchase and read on match days as they used to before just using the Telegraph and Argus give away paper.

I along with many more are certain supporters would purchase these as keep sakes etc and this would also bring extra revenue into the club.

Dewsbury printed their own last season, I know has I purchased one on their home game against the Bulls at a cost of £2.50 if I remember correctly.

It was only a few pages but contained info, team line up's etc that supporters liked to read plus of course sold advertising spaces which again brought revenue into the club.

A: The club will be using the Telegraph & Argus again next year, the programme for the last game was only produced as a special momento for the last game at Odsal Stadium. We are still studying production costs for programmes and if these become more feasible in the future we will certainly re-assess the situation.

Many Thanks

The Bulls

Q: Can you inform us as to how many disabled spaces will be available at Dewsbury.

A: There are around 30 spaces available at Dewsbury. If none of these spaces are available, we can arrange for general car park use free of charge to avoid any cost implications if this is a route you wish to go down. 

Many Thanks

The Bulls 

Q: I recently asked the question to Mark Sawyer at the fans event at Dewsbury regarding the pricing structure for juniors and students. The junior prices have been amended which is great, however you have yet to address the 16-21 age category (college and university students). £179 is a ridiculous cost for students as they are still not earning (just £20 less than the full charge).

Up to last year I had always purchased a season ticket for both myself and daughter since we started coming in 2010. I was absolutely gutted when her price increased last year from £99 to £199!! She is still in education so how can that be justified? As a result I just picked certain games for last season as I would not out of principal or affordability pay that double price. We were extremely upset having travelled to nearly every home and away fixture since 2010

Its a similar story this year so unless the prices are amended you will be missing out on 2 season ticket purchases from me. I'm not alone in this predicament as i have spoken to other parents who have sons/daughters in full time education.

I really believe the Bulls are missing a trick here and as a result are both losing existing fans and pricing out new. These fans are the future of the club. The Dewsbury Rams price structure reflects how it should be done.

Please don't mistake my comments as a random plea for a discount. Far from it. Its a plea to amend the structure for the good of the club moving forward.

A: Thanks for your email. We have already agreed our budgets for 2020 in accordance with the RFL, so unfortunately there is nothing we can do in terms of the price for next season. However, in 2020, we will be working alongside all local Universities and Colleges with the intention of introducing a more attractive price to encourage the younger generation for the 2021 season.

Many Thanks

The Bulls

Q: If Mr Perez is convinced he has competent staff working for him (especially the senior and experienced staff who surely oversee releases), how on earth was this email allowed to be sent to the entire mailing list and not recalled or updated with an apology and correction? It is not 1 April

A: Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, the email is used as a template and unfortunately the member of staff who created the email correctly changed the content but did not change the title, hence the confusion. We have spoken to the member of staff and we have arranged for all emails to be checked by other staff members as test emails prior to them being sent out in the future. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

Many Thanks

The Bulls

Q: Will Nigel Wood consent to being interviewed about his involvement in the Bradford Bulls, when it began, his relationship with Andrew Chalmers, and his involvement in the RFL decision to award ownership to Andrew Chalmers?

A:  Nigel Wood is a minority shareholder in the company that acquired the club in late October 2019. This was fully reported at that time. He is neither a director nor a spokesperson for the club.

Questions in respect of decisions taken by the Rugby Football League, should be addressed directly to the RFL.

However, we understand that the RFL has recently written a formal note to its members detailing the past ownership of the club and its purchase of Odsal, which we very much hope they will make public.

Q: As well as season tickets will there be flexi-passes for the 2020 season? If so, what will the cost be and when will they be available?

A: Thank you for your email. A confirmation on flexi-passes are still to be reviewed for the 2020 and will be announced in due course.

Many thanks

The Bulls

Q: Hi 

That’s very close to the deadline for the early bird.

Hardly feels like your giving us all the facts which is very unfair on the fans. 

As you said in the questions update you’d budgeted for 1000 season ticket sales you must know at what price you’ve budgeted them at and also the gate sales. 

I thought the point of this service was to get a straight and true answer, this isn’t helping to rebuild trust. 

I could have asked the question openly on social media for many others to get involved.


A:  Following the board meeting last night we are pleased to confirm the post early bird prices. Adult and Concession Season Tickets increase by a cost of just £10 following a surge in sales and recognition of loyalty from our supporters, a student category has also been introduced. Junior prices remain at pre early bird prices, with infants once again invited to take in the action free of charge. These prices reflect the budgets agreed with the RFL in order for our salary cap to be established. Thank you for your continued patience and loyalty.

Many Thanks

The Bulls