Bradford Bulls


17th October 2018, 18:30


After leading his boyhood club to League 1 promotion, it has been revealed that captain, Steve Crossley battled through the year with a major shoulder injury in order to lift silverware.

Initially suffering the injury in 2017 with former club, Toronto Wolfpack - the bruising prop was missing from action until the final game of the year for the Canadian outfit.

Although the forward returned to action for the Wolfpack, his injury didn’t entirely heal despite speculation prior to joining the Bulls.

“I managed to make it back for the last game of the season, so it had all healed up fine, but through pre-season, I really started struggling lifting weights and Adam the conditioner had to take me off anything pushing wise completely,” said Crossley.

“There was a lot of grinding, cracking and no real stability in my shoulder so I had to have a revised plan during gym sessions up until we found out what the problem actually was.”

Despite facing a potential setback that would have potentially seen Crossley, who is sponsored by Mal and Ange Rider, be out for half of the season. The former Clayton amateur powered on to lead the charge to the Championship.

“I’ve been playing with it all year. From what the physiotherapists could see they thought it was just going to be a quick clean out job and something that we could do at the end of the season.

“Playing wise it wasn’t affecting me too much apart from landing. With scans and appointments with a shoulder specialist, we found out 9/10 games remaining that I had actually completely dislocated all my AC joint and the ligaments around it – turns out it was a full shoulder reconstruction job!

“I decided to put the surgery off until the end of the season to make sure I could play a part in gaining promotion. As painful as it was to lift the trophy, it was a sweet moment and great to go out of the season with the fans and the team. Earning promotion made it all worthwhile.”

Crossley faces a long road to recovery but will be back in time for the start of the 2019 season.

“We are looking between 3-4 months, so I will be missing most of preseason, but with it being a shoulder injury I can keep on top of my fitness.

“It won’t be an issue though as I never did any upper body weights this year and I was able to keep on top of my cardio work. I should be fine and ready to go come the start of the season.

“This season is going to be massive, those loyal fans have always stood by the club through the last few years and this is the first real chance to celebrate something with the club.

“All those fans that have come and packed Odsal during League 1 are going to be a part of this ride back up to the top. We have the first stage ticketed off with promotion and going into a massive challenging league next year if you look at some of the team in there next year.

“Stick with us and let’s stay on this ride together.”

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