Bradford Bulls


22nd December 2017, 18:15


Bradford Bulls are delighted to announce the signing of winger Alex Brown on a one year deal with the club.

Brown is introduced to the club following the appointment of John Kear as Head Coach, whom he spent numerous years working under whilst with Batley Bulldogs.

The new recruit was one of Kears’ first choice wingers as the two built a strong relationship over the years to help strengthen Batley’s backline.

“Alex is a man that I have worked with previously, he is an established Championship winger with extensive experience, which is something that I think that we needed,” said Kear.

“Alex is someone that can carry the ball from his own goal line and get the sets going forward. He can finish as well so I am delighted with the signing.”

The Jamaican-international joins the side and brings a widespread understanding of Rugby League to the young Bradford team, adding more experience to the backs who will be fighting for a place on the wings.

Brown stands strong on both sides for the ball, renowned for his power surging forward as well as standing strong in defence.

“Himself, Dalton Grant and Ethan Ryan will all be fighting for a place along with the youngsters from the academy, so it just makes the squad healthier and I certainly think that in today’s game getting sets going by your back three is very important. Alex will be vital in that respect.

“The two signings we have made recently have been wing men so I think that that is a reaction to where we felt that we might need strengthening.”

“An established Championship player is what we need and it is what we have got, if we are going to climb out of League 1 we ned to make sure that we have Super League or Championship players and I feel Alex is that.   


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