Bradford Bulls


15th July 2017, 12:30


THE latest Big One Lottery draw has been made and we are delighted to announce the latest list of winners!

Mr Stuart Mitchell (87107), Mr Paul Waters (1729), Debra Harney (71822), M Gallagher (39797), Mr Colin Booth (25383) have won £100 cash prizes, while agent Gordon Storey Eastward Labour will enjoy a meal at Toby Carvery.

Mr D Little (32806), Mr R Knowles (60726), Mrs G Warrener (1742), Mrs Sands (65142), K Lister (42428), Mr A Page (22345), Mrs Duff (57629), Stella Horn (846), Arnold Butterfield (84325), Helen Lawson (47439) have each won £5 cash prizes.

Mrs A Rider (29377), Esther Williams (20977), Eamon Murray (21208), Mrs T Terry (84580), Mona Cade (93176), Mr D Kitchingham (37125), Marion Cooper (00155) will all enjoy meals at a host of different venues.

Jean Jennings (74001) has secured SIX free pints at the The Queens, Mrs Rule Greengates (95948) has won the same prize at the Top House, whilst Mrs Taylor Clayton (64985) has won six free pints at the New Inn East Bierley.

There has been no winner of this week’s jackpot. The Big One will rollover to next week.

The Lottery will start at £350 next week.

Numbers Drawn – 22. 26. 34. 37.