Bradford Bulls


13th July 2017, 18:05


FOLLOWING a serious car accident late last year, Reagan Tolson has re-joined his teammates in training doing light cardio work.

In mid November 2016, Tolson was involved in a major car accident where he broke numerous bones and suffered internal bleeding.

Now, after going through several months of rehabilitation, the promising young player has returned to training with his friends and is expected to make a full recovery.

Head of Youth, John Bastian is delighted with the progress that Reagan has been making: “We are really pleased with how he is fixing up and how hard he has worked to get himself in this position after the terrible accident,” said Bastian.

“The pleasing thing is that whilst he has got a bit to do and there is a long way to go yet, Reagan is being really patient about things and we are delighted with that.”

This Sunday, BullBuilder are hosting the ‘Batley Bumble’ to help raise funds for youth development. The walk will start from The Provident Stadium and finish at the home of the Batley Bulldogs, prior to the first team kick off.

Tolson will be joining the Bumble in an effort to help raise funds: “We are delighted he is doing that and being a part of it,” commented Bastian.

“He has worked extremely hard with his sponsor form to raise some funds. It’s a credit to him on his progress, he deserves all of the applause and it will be great seeing him out there on Sunday doing that walk.”

Tolson re-joined his friends in training once again on Wednesday night, taking part in light workouts following his rehabilitation process.

“Personally, I am delighted with where he is, we have spoken that there is no rush and it takes a little bit longer, we are okay with that. He is certainly in a very positive position.

“There is always the element of frustration when you can’t do what you want to, but we speak regularly and how he needs to be patient and just doing little things, making those short steps to his recovery.

“The majority of the time he is good with it, some of the time he gets down with some stuff but that is more down to frustration because he wants to be playing. He wants to be training with all the boys out on the field, but he is not quite ready for that.

“Reagan knows that he still has some work to do. It’s really positive and he can take a lot of credit for the progress that he has made.”