Bradford Bulls


19th June 2017, 11:44


YESTERDAY afternoon, Geoff Toovey’s Bradford Bulls suffered a disappointing defeat to the hands of Rochdale Hornets, as the search for zero points continues for another week.

As both sides are in desperate need of points to pull them out of the relegation battle, a disappointing second half performance from the Bulls saw them dwindle to another loss in the blistering sun.

“It was a very interrupted game and it was very hot, but I think that the stoppages in play really suited the opposition but there was way too many errors by ours guys again. It’s been like that for the last couples of months. We conceded some very soft tries that gave them a bit of a sniff and they came out revitalised after the break,” said Toovey.

Bradford failed to build momentum throughout the game, as constant stoppages in play left the players out on the field for over 30 minutes longer than usual: “It seems to be the rules of this competition, if anyone goes down they stop the play, so they did a good job of getting injured a lot of times and making for plenty of stoppages.”

Although, Toovey, sponsored by Bradford Bulls Banter, does not hide from the faults in his side’s performance: “It was just down to mistakes, I don’t think the fitness was that bad at all but the try before half time killed us.

“With the second try, it all came down to a missed tackle, nothing to it and they just went straight through. That’s the way it is in rugby league, you miss a tackle and they go straight through, you pay the price. The first try was just five blokes, they held him up but he got the ball down.

“A bit of panic set in with the situation that the club has been in and the players have been under in during the past couple of months to try and get that negative two off our backs. I think it has really weighed heavily on them and set the panic in.

“I think after the first part of the game we were unlucky not to be 24-0 at one stage, but we just butchered our chances and conceded soft tries. Once they got a sniff, we let them come back into the game.”