Bradford Bulls


18th April 2017, 12:42


YESTERDAY, Bradford Bulls ended their tough Easter period against Featherstone Rovers at the LD Nutrition Stadium. Although Vila Halafihi vows to the supporters that the hard work will not stop there.

Halafihi, sponsored by Smith Harrison Sampling, knows that the Bulls aren’t going to take this time off lightly, insuring that the squad will continue to focus on improving.

“We have a huge week ahead of us, a massive one heading back into training. We might have a game off but we must put a lot of things right, we are going to take advantage of this time and improve.

“It hurts that we are still chasing that zero mark, we had two opportunities to do so lately and we have missed them.

“There’s no hiding from Easter, everyone knows it is a tough ask and we have had it in our heads since the start of the season. We had plenty of time to prepare for it, although it was made much tougher, because we were against two great teams.

“This week off that we have hasn’t even been spoken about between the squad, we don’t see this as a break. We had a lot of time off at the start of the season because we didn’t have an official preseason with the club.

“It’s frustrating for us because we have been playing catch up since the season opener, but we can use this weekend to work hard and better ourselves.

“We will be spending time trying to make up for this weekend, so this Sunday isn’t time off for us at all, it’s going to be a big weekend at training. We are going to be in hitting the gym and putting things right on the field.

“In this team, unity is something that we certainly don’t lack, we have a lot of it. I think what we boys have been through in the past six to twelve months has made us stronger.

“We have been through a lot, a lot of people have gone and a lot of people have stayed, it’s only brought us closer so the fact that we’ve shown fight shows our determination to succeed.

“We kept going until the last minute and rushing for scrums with 30 seconds left to try and score, that’s not uncharacteristic of us.

“What is uncharacteristic of us is giving them plenty of room to play and letting them gather speed on plays. It is something that we need to crack down on before Toulouse away.

“This time off will be time well spent, we know that we will have tough opponents in Toulouse and we have plenty of time to pick ourselves up and work on everything, down to every detail.”


WATCH as the Bulls take on Toulouse Olympique in France on the 29th April (Kick-off 6.00pm).

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Ticket prices:

Adults (16+) - £13

Junior (15 & below) – FREE