Molly Mitchell

Molly Mitchell

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Name: Molly Mitchell

Age: 18

Occupation: Full Time Student/Part time waitress

How long have you been dancing/cheerleading? I've been Cheerleading for about 4 years now! Time flies!!

What is your favourite dance/cheer experience? My fave Cheerleading experience has to be the first time I ever performed at the Bulls! It was surreal!

What is it like being in the Bullettes? It's crazy. But in a good way! It's great learning new routines with the girls. We always have a laugh!!

Favourite Bulls player? Jamie Langley

What do you like about performing at The Provident Stadium, Odsal? The atmosphere is always buzzing and everyone who works at the Bulls  are always kind and welcoming!!

Your biggest accomplishment so far? Hmm... My biggest accomplishment is being crowned Miss Teen West Yorkshire Galaxy 2013!

What's your tv/modelling/dance experience? My dancing experience is mainly based on Cheerleading! I'm captain of the Senior Competitive Pom Dance Squad at Panache Cheerleading School and I've competed all around the UK in Cheerleading competitions where we've won many first places! Also, when I was about 7 I did Ballet... It didn't go very well haha!

Favourite TV show? Definitely Sherlock Holmes!! I'm addicted! Can't get enough of it!

What do you do in your spare time? I guess like most girls, I'm a shopaholic! But in my spare time I always text around to see what my friends are doing and make plans from there

Do you have a secret talent? It's called a 'secret' talent for a reason haha

Who is your idol? Emily Davison - a leading suffragette. If it wasn't for her and many other inspiring females fighting for women's suffrage we wouldn't have the rights we do today! She is truly and inspiration to myself and I hope many other girls

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? In the near future I hope to win the title of Miss Teen England Galaxy!! Fingers crossed