Divers Warehouse

A: 911 Wakefield Road, Dudley Hill, Bradford, BD4 7QA

T: 01274 307555



Divers Warehouse has recently been taken over by new owners and with new ownership comes new ideas and innovation from a team of dedicated directors and shareholders. Owner and managing director Michelle Hedley leads the team and, with more than 20 years of experience in the retail and customer service sector, she listens to the customers’ needs and implements where possible.

Anton Serrant, who comes from an engineering background, works to ensure that all the servicing of diving equipment is completed to a high standard, while Sam Cross – an avid diver – will be keeping the trips and pool sessions flowing. In addition, Divers Warehouse boasts an impressive team, behind the scenes, ensuring a great experience is had by all.

Divers Warehouse are offering another outlet to enjoy another sport. With a growing Dive Club, the team spirit and family feel matches that of a Bradford Bulls game.

Divers Warehouse provides everything from a snorkel to a tech wing, for the novice to the technical diver. With a friendly team to assist all of your needs, why not come in and see us – seven days a week. Follow us on Facebook or see us at Shipley Pool. We are governed by PADI and offer courses, fun days and school holiday events in cooperation with Bradford Council.

Bradford Bulls supporters can gain 10 per-cent discount on all Divers Warehouse retails products and 50 per-cent on 'Try Dives', at Shipley Pool, on Wednesdays, from 6.30-8.30pm.

Otter Watersports

A: 911 Wakefield Road, Dudley Hill, Bradford, BD4 7QA

T: 01274 3794834



Otter Watersports are the number-one specialists in Scuba Diving Drysuits. They have been successfully manufacturing standard and made-to-measure bespoke drysuits and undersuits for more than 25 years.

Otter create one-piece padded undersuits, two-piece base layers – which wick the sweat away from your skin for a drier dive – and flagship dry suits in both membrane and neoprene materials.

To discover more about Otter Watersports and its product range, call in to the store TODAY!

Bradford Bulls members can gain 10 per-cent discount on all Otter Watersports products.


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