Donations & Player Appearances

Bradford Bulls Charitable donation Policy

Bradford Bulls and it’s own charity – The Bulls Foundation (registered charity no. 1106608) – has community activities and charitable causes at it’s core and are committed to providing it’s support to such activities wherever possible.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications for support, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate all requests for tickets, signed merchandise or player appearances.

Requests to any charitable or non-for-profit organisations must be submitted in writing and received no less than 4 weeks prior to the fundraising event/activity.

Written requests should include:

Contact person’s name, email address, phone number & postal address,

The date of your event,

An explanation of how proceeds will be used & how the involvement of Bradford Bulls will help the event to achieve it’s objective(s)

All applicants will be responded to, whether successful or not, within 5-7 working days of the application being received.

In order to assist as many charities as possible, we will only be able to consider one donation or player appearance request per charity per calendar year.

Donated merchandise cannot be re-sold for any individual’s profit and the products should only be utilised for the purpose stated in the application letter.

Player appearances:

To apply for a player appearance, CLICK HERE

Donation requests:

To apply for a donation of merchandise or tickets, CLICK HERE

Alternatively, send your application via the post to:

Bradford Bulls

The Provident Stadium